Project Management

Your Project Is Our Project

Project Management

Your project is our project. ROJO is set up to focus on everything from the big picture “Brush Stroke” to the fine details.

Key services under this umbrella include:


Data Gathering/Investigation

Maintenance of Corporate Brand Standards and Guidelines

Design Management including the Creation of Deliverables and Standards

Criteria for Selecting Creative Problem Solving Teams

Preparation of Project Management Plans

Identification of Project Scope

Development of Budgets and Schedules

Monitoring Estimated Project Costs and Schedules against the Work

Plan and Development of Forecasts

Review of Design Deliverables for Adherence to Project Standards

Reporting, Monitoring and Recommendation of Changes

Identification of Alternate Delivery Methodologies

Procurement Management and Strategic Sourcing

Comprehensive Bidding and Construction Management

Administrative Services

Facilitation of Integrating a “Lessons Learned” Framework

Maintenance of Project Records

We are able to look at the world of multiple projects with a wide-angle lens. We apply a systematic approach, holistic at its core, to take multiple, complex projects to a higher plane by identifying areas of commonality. We create an over-arching strategy to combine benchmarks for quality with innovation to continually improve the process.

Key services under this umbrella include:

Development of Criteria for Selecting Creative Problem Solving Teams

Development of Long Range Planning Frameworks and Procedures

Global Product and Vendor Sourcing

Identification of Program and Individual Project Scope

Development of Conceptual Budgets and Schedules

Evaluation of Design Delivery Alternatives

Site Adaptation and Application of Brand Standards

Facilities Performance Assessment Process Automation Organizational Development