SKP Estates

A Collision of Serendipity, Foresight and Ability.

SKP Estates: A Collision of Serendipity, Foresight and Ability.

A Simple Birthday Card

The most commonly asked question we hear about this project is……”How did you get the SKP project?” There is really no simple answer, but it all started with a 2008 birthday card sent to Dhvanit Patel, president of ONICX Construction, the company charged with building the estate. Previous efforts for the project had not produced any concrete results, so when Dhvanit called to thank ROJO for the card, he brought up the project. He was impressed with ROJO’s multi-cultural team (we like to compare ourselves to the Benetton ads of yesteryear) and thought we might be a good fit for the task. A few weeks later…..we were off and running.

A New Path

At first he only needed help with creating Florida-approved documents for the shell of a new building designed by a group of Hindu designers, to be fully clad with red sandstone from the Rajastan estate of India. Once we began analyzing the constraints of the project, we felt strongly that there should be fluid integration between the site and the proposed building.  After a comprehensive evaluation of the site and the owner’s goals for the estate, we concluded that to fully realize the project, a new path was required — a new master site plan that took full advantage of the many unique components that this project involves.  Fortunately, the owner appreciated our ability to process his out-of-this-world imagination and materialize it, and the full design journey took off.

Physical & Emotional Inspirations

Looking back at the serendipitous nature of the events that lead us to this point, we know that the foundation of our success for this project is our ability to design within a context that will not result in false expectations. These extraordinary owners have challenged every corner and intention of the design. Their subjective collection of physical and emotional inspirations is now literally being set in stone. Seven years later, this proud shell is receiving the timeless Indian red sandstone skin that it was always intended to live in.

And to think it all started with a birthday card.

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